Continuing Professional Development Sessions
HEA and CILIP Fellowship

Thursday 22 July, 2.00pm

It is increasingly common practice, especially in larger educational institutions, to encourage librarians to obtain HEA accreditation in recognition of their teaching skills. However, there are still places where librarians apply directly to HEA without institutional support. Sarah George has been an enthusiastic advocate of fellow librarians applying for HEA Fellowship, organizing workshops and providing one-to-one support and encouragement. We have invited Sarah and colleagues from the art libraries and museums sector with different Fellowship levels, who gained HEA accreditation either with or without their employers’ support, to share their experience. There will be ample time for  questions.

Practical Writing Workshop with the editors of Art Libraries Journal

Thursday 22 July, 3.15pm

This is a practical workshop for anyone thinking about professional writing, particularly, but not only, for journals. Reviews, short articles, opinion pieces or in-depth surveys, many of us have something to contribute but are often unsure about how to get started. We would like the workshop to be informal and driven by questions from participants. 

We will de-mystify the publishing landscape and the process of contributing to a journal, covering ongoing changes and features of current scholarly and professional communication, including peer review, open access, publishing models, re-using your content, copyright, and what to think about when choosing a journal for submission. We will then work with participants in small groups, focusing on writing, developing ideas, professional practice, research, and critical reflection.

This will be a 60 min. workshop, structured around practical individual exercises and group discussion facilitated by the presenters.

Limited to 25 attendees. Register here

Copyright for art, design and architecture libraries, archives and collections

Friday 23 July, 11.40am

Since the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, copyright has kept librarians very busy as institutions moved to online teaching and delivery of educational events. We have invited a panel of copyright experts to clarify obscure points and difficult questions, and to discuss the way forward in copyright practice. Our speakers represent museum libraries and archives, academic libraries, and agencies that manage and facilitate the use of copyright material. We have called for questions in advance, but there will also be a Q&A opportunity during the live session.

PhD options for art librarians

Friday 23 July, 1.45pm

A panel discussion to showcase different PhD options for those working in art libraries and archives, and the professional avenues that having a PhD can lead to. Dr Deborah Lee, who is a passionate advocate for LIS PhDs, will open the session, joining a panel of speakers who will share their diverse and exciting PhD experiences.