Wednesday 21 July
CP_Nick Norton.png

Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words and After That...Three Years of Critical Engagement with the Collection

Nick Norton, PhD candidate, Manchester Metropolitan University, freelance writer


Nick Norton was Senior Subject Librarian at Leeds Arts University library until 2020. In order to promote creative and critical library use, he designed and curated Library Interventions between 2013 & 2020, facilitating guest-curators, artists, and writers in a programme of forays into the library collections; an invite for creative practitioners to create an intervention. The brief always encouraged a research process that led to new work.

This session will contextualize Library Interventions, reflecting especially on the period 2017-2019 which saw three substantial interventions presented in the LAU gallery spaces.

Currently Nick is undertaking practice-based PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University, researching the contemporary fable and creative writing.

Thursday 22 July
Speaker_Elaine Lin.png

Making the Invisible Visible: Zines and Independent Initiative Files in Asia Art Archive’s Library Collections

Elaine Lin, Asia Art Archive


In 2019, Hong Kong-based Asia Art Archive (AAA) created two new sections for its Library Collections—‘Zines’ and ‘Independent Initiative Files’. The former captures personal and unfiltered voices from creatives and art professionals that are less documented in art historical narratives; the latter collects ephemera generated from self-initiated and funded art spaces and events. They speak to a larger AAA mission as an independent non-profit art organisation: to make a more generous art history through documenting and making accessible research materials around contemporary arts in Asia.  

This talk will discuss the evolution of the AAA Library Collections as a reflective journey. It will touch upon the urgencies, ethical challenges, and practices of introducing ‘Zines’ and ‘Independent Initiative Files’ to the Collections.

Friday 23 July